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The following are the posts recieved to this page to date: 

1.        I came to your page after seeing "Landscape with Robot and Dogs" in an email from absolutearts.com. Intrigued by the painting (the effort to find a new way of representing the external world, post-abstract expressionism etc.).


My reply:


Hi Lin,

Just to say thanks for your guest book entry on my website today, telling me how you found it (very helpful), and your comment regarding ‘Landscape with Robot and Dogs’.

Is it an effort to find ‘a new way of representing the external world’, or is it just an original way of looking at things? Certainly post abstract expressionism.....but that was a very long time ago now. Now we are led to believe that an artwork can be just the ‘idea’, without the usual craftmanship that accompanies it. Complete rubbish of course....You cannot seperate art from craftsmanship....they are two sides of the same coin.

Maybe I am part of a new movement that looks backward (to art of the past), and forward at the same time......like for instance the composer George Lloyd.

Kind regards,

Austen Pinkerton



2.        I am studying you for my a-level art project as you influenced me to do similar work to you, if you could get in contact and give me more information about your artwork and inspiration then I would be much grateful.